Monday, April 16, 2007

De-Emphasized & Discontinued Features in Exchange 2007

De-emphasized Features

These features are still included in the Exchange product, but they're not prioritized anymore and will most likely disappear in the next Exchange release after Exchange Server 2007.
│ Public Folders
│ Proxy Address Generators
│ CDO 1.21
│ MAPI32
│ CDOEX (CDO 3.0)
│ Exchange WebDAV extensions
│ Store Events
│ Streaming backup APIs
│ Exchange Server Virus Scanning API (VSAPI)

Discontinued Features
Because of the major architectural changes in Exchange Server 2007, several of the features and components included in previous versions of Exchange have been discontinued in Exchange Server 2007.
Architecture Features
│ Routing Groups
│ Administrative Groups
│ Link State Routing
│ Routing Objects
│ IMF (replaced by Content Filter which can be considered IMF v3)
│ Network Attached Storage (NAS)
│ Exchange installable File System (ExIFS)
│ Event Service
Recipient-Related Features
│ Exchange extensions in Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in
│ Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Merge Wizard (ExMerge)
│ Recipient Update Service (RUS)
Mobile Features
│ Outlook Mobile Access (OMA)
│ Outlook Mobile Access Browse
│ Always-Up-To-Date version 1 (AUTD v1)
│ S/MIME (will be back when Exchange 2007 SP1 releases)
Outlook Web Access Features
│ S/MIME Control component (will be back when Exchange 2007 SP1 releases)
│ Rules, Notes, Post Forms, Monthly Calendar view
│ Custom Forms
│ Editing personal distribution lists
│ URL commands except for free/busy, galfind, navbar, and contents
│ Public folder access
│ Exchange Web forms
Public Folder Features
│ Public Folder Management via GUI (but will be back when Exchange 2007 SP1 releases)
│ Non-MAPI top-level hierarchies in a public folder store
│ Public folder access using NNTP
│ Public folder access using IMAP4
Protocol Features
│ Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
│ Management of POP3/IMAP4 via GUI (Will most likely be back when Exchange 2007 SP1 releases)
│ X.400 Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
│ SMTP Virtual Server Instances
Connector Features
│ Connector for Novell GroupWise and migration tools
│ Connector for Lotus Notes (an Exchange 2007 version is under development)
HA Features
│ Active/Active (A/A) clustering
Exchange 5.5-Related Features
│ Installing Exchange 5.5. into an Exchange 2007 organization
│ Support for Exchange 5.5 in same forest as Exchange 2007
│ Installing Exchange 2007 into an organization containing Exchange 5.5 servers
│ Active Directory Connector (ADC)
│ Site Replication Service (SRS)
APIs and Development Features
│ Transport Event hooks
│ Workflow Designer (included in Exchange 2003 SDK)
│ CDO for Workflow (on Exchange 2003 media)
│ Exchange WMI classes
│ MAPI Client on Exchange Server
Tools and Management Features
│ Monitoring and Status Node
│ Message Tracking Center Node and tracking mechanism
│ Mailbox Recovery Center
│ Mailbox Management Service
│ Clean Mailbox tool
│ Migration Wizard
│ ExProfRe
│ Inter-Organization Replication tool (InterORG)

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