Sunday, May 27, 2007

Delete Corrupted Out Of Office Rule with MFCMapi

This article will help to delete corrupted out of office rule from you mailbox but you should have some knowledge of MFCMapi.

Download MFCMapi

Go through below steps to remove the OOO rule

Steps :

· Start MAPI Editor.

· In the Mailbox window, you will see the Mailbox and Public folders instances listed in the Display Name column. Note : If there are multiple entries here then there could be several personal folder files (.pst files) added to your outlook profile. If you are not sure which file is the default delivery store, look in the PR_DEFAULT_STORE column. if there is a True in the column then file is the default delivery store.

· Double-click the mailbox in the list and it should opens in a separate window.

· Expand the root container. Then you can see such as IPM_SUBTREE, Common Views, Shortcuts, and so on. ( This list is available if you are using Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook 2003)

· You have to expand IPM_SUBTREE then you will see the folders such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and whatever you created

· Right-click the Inbox folder and then click Open Associated Contents Table (This is the list of “hidden messages" of the Inbox).

· Look for items whose message class is IPM.Note.Rules.OofTemplate.Microsoft and then click Delete.

· It will ask to move the Out Of Office rule to Deleted Items folder, or permanently delete them. After old out-of-office messages are deleted, new messages should be created automatically by Outlook.

Hope this will be useful for you.

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